ambOPR (ambo Optical system for Part Recognition) is an integrated solution for 3D object recognition.

The system consists out of the 3D camera and the image processing software.

The data acquired by the optical device while moved above a conveyor where the objects are placed is transfered to the main PC where it is preprocessed(filtered, corrected, aso) and processed according to the image processing dedicated chain.

Following the processing step the objects recognized are compared to a set of expected 3d models, producing a set of results. The final result is a coordinates file which is used by a handling robot in order to pick the objects from the conveyor.

This integrated system is used currently in an automated welding system, produced by Zeman GmBH.

Letzte Neuigkeiten

Join us at CeBIT 2018, June 11-15

This June, AMBO will join the 2018 edition of the CeBIT Global Event to take place in Hanover.


AMBO an der CeBIT 2015

AMBO nimmt im März dieses Jahres an der CeBIT 2015 teil, die wichtigste Ausstellung der IT Branche


AMBO an der CeBIT 2014

AMBO nimmt im März dieses Jahres an der CeBIT 2014 teil, die wichtigste Ausstellung der IT Branche.


Eigene Produkte

  • Hotelprogramm, Hotelmanagement, Hotelsoftware: Vilicotel Hotelmanagement
  • Restaurant Management Program
  • Android Restaurant Management Program
  • Fastfood Management  Program
  • Unterkunft in Hotels, Pensionen, Villen


Gitex Technology Week 2018

Cebit 2018 Hannover

Hannover Messe 2017


  • ISO 9001
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Unser Team

Adam Boer Adam Boer
Geschäftsführer, Vertrieb u. Personal
Botond Boer Botond Boer
Geschäftsführer, Finanzen u. Entwicklung
Szilárd Megyesi Szilárd Megyesi
Technischer Leiter
Cristian Deac Cristian Deac
Projektleiter, Java
Stelian Mătase Stelian Mătase
Teamleiter, 3D
Tamás Ruff Tamás Ruff
Projektleiter, Java
Geza Vanyo Geza Vanyo
Teamleiter, Java
Marius Zubac Marius Zubac
Eva Pollac Eva Pollac
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