Products aims to help travelers who are on vacation or for business, through a database of all hotels and pensions in Romania. The site aims that through a few clicks you can view the hotels and pensions in the area of destination and even the room’s availability.

In the future will implement an online reservation service, based on the experience of the team that created the solution for hotel management, Vilicotel.


Ambo Systems Company has launched on the Romanian market the software application for hotel management, Vilicotel. The software has a number of innovative elements and for the cost/function relation is unique for the Romanian market. Moreover, the Vilicotel project’s motto is "Best quality for a fair price”. The update and maintenance programs ensure the investment a guaranteed future.

Nowadays the Vilicotel software is a success on Austrian market and is used successfully in over 50 hotel units of various sizes.


Vilicorest was developed by Ambo, the first version of the software appeared on the market in the first half of 2011.The functional specifications were designed together with the hospitality industry partners, partners who have extensive experience in the management units in the field. We attach great importance to the essential processes, taking into account all possibilities and scenarios that may arise in day to day work in your restaurant.

Basically, Vilicorest is a modular solution for your restaurant, cover the entire customer service from booking, through phase control and order fulfillment and finally to collection.


Taking orders from customers has never been easier!

VilicoTab is an application based on the Android platform that allows waiters to take orders quickly and easily using a tablet.

Besides the function of taking orders, Vilicotab mobile application, allows you to make group meals for groups or view the current day bookings.


Snowregion, site developed by Ambo Consulting, addresses winter sports lovers in general. Designed exclusively for the tourist area of ​​Austria, the site includes four major regions for both those lined winter sports and for those who wish to spend their holidays in the mountains. The four regions are: Ausseerland, Obertauern, Schneebärenland and Zaughensee.

The site aims that by a few clicks you can view both hotels, hostels and camping sites in the destination and the information related to the ski slopes. offers complete information about availability and possibility to book directly online.


Ambo3Dscan v1.0 is a light version of the 3D Object Scanner Software developed by AMBO for Windows /XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.


The main features of ambo3Dscan: 

- Full 3D Objects scanning capabilities

- Real time images from RGB and IR camera;

- Real view scan and model visualisation;

- Manipulation of the 3D scanned model:

- Standard rotate, translate, scale 3D operations manipulation;

- Unwanted parts removal from the scanned model using cutting plane procedure;

- Precise measurements tools: distance tool, bounding box tool;

- Export scanned model in different 3D formats: .obj, .stl, .xaml, .x3d;

Ambo3Dscan Copyright (C) 2013-2014 AMBO     Download Kit


ambOPR (ambo Optical system for Part Recognition) is an integrated solution for 3D object recognition.

The system consists out of the 3D camera and the image processing software.

The data acquired by the optical device while moved above a conveyor where the objects are placed is transfered to the main PC where it is preprocessed(filtered, corrected, aso) and processed according to the image processing dedicated chain.

Following the processing step the objects recognized are compared to a set of expected 3d models, producing a set of results. The final result is a coordinates file which is used by a handling robot in order to pick the objects from the conveyor.

This integrated system is used currently in an automated welding system, produced by Zeman GmBH.


amboSort is a quality control integrated system. It uses a 3D camera system to acquire data and analyse 3D objects in order to sort them according some predefined criteria.

The product is currently used to check the metal parts 3D dimensions and to sort them as required.


amboPick is a part localization application that uses an integrated system based on a 3D camera in order to dichotomize and pick objects placed on a pallet.

It can be used combined to amboSort product in order to fully automate the quality control process.

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