Offshore Outsourcing and Nearshore Software Development in Romania with AMBO

AMBO was founded in April 1999 as a German-Romanian company and provides services in offshore outsourcing and nearshore software development for businesses and  customers in many industries worldwide.

Since 1999 AMBO successfully developed software products for clients from Europe in various programming languages like C#, C++, Java, Delphi, VB, PHP, ASP for desktop, mobile, embedded and integrated systems and web applications. We are working on a contract basis in the areas of analysis, design, programming, testing and maintenance. AMBO is also active in offshore custom software development: development of individual applications, tools or web-presences.

The AMBO team consists of IT professionals with sound quality training and work experience.  Our experts speak  German, English, Hungarian and French.  We also have links to a significant number of skilled graduates and freelancers.

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  • Nearshore software development
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The AMBO team has a wide range of technological knowledge.  Our employees are able to use a variety of professional programming and scripting languages, databases, tools and technologies associated with different development methods in Microsoft or Unix environments.

The management consists of two German entrepreneur, they are at home both in Romania and Germany. They both had worked for years as freelance software developers and IT consultants in Germany and Luxembourg.

Outsourcing to Romania

The outsourcing of software development has generally cost reasons. In Eastern Europe and especially in Romania, there is  a high number of well-trained and highly skilled IT specialists, so that software development outsourcing can often be used as a measure against the skills shortage.

"Do what you can do best – outsource the rest"

Using outsourcing can streamline business processes, reduce process complexity, release management capacity, flexibility of the company and focus on core business.

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Offshore Software Development

This allows you to discover the outstanding benefits offered by Romania as an attractive location for offshore outsourcing of software development: cultural and linguistic compatibility, sustainability, and professionalism in project management, commitment to confidentiality of intellectual property and information, creativity and ingenuity combined with a high level of knowledge in programming, easier communication and competitive pricing.

In our team we have acquired during the years of joint projects expertise in the areas of banking, insurance, engineering, facility management, telecommunications, healthcare, electronics, oil,  textile industry, security industry, research and tourism.

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Nearshore Software Development

The term Nearshore Software Development or English nearshoring denotes a special form of offshore software development and from Central European perspective, this is the shift to Eastern European countries. In this context is important to notice that AMBO is located in western Romania, in Transylvania.

The project implementation is usually held at our locations in Satu Mare and Cluj Napoca. Project meetings, consultations, integration and commissioning can take place on site on request from the client. Cluj-Napoca can be reached in just two hours flight from Frankfurt, or directly from all major German airports through Budapest.

According to international assessments in the field of software development outsourcing, you can find at companies in Romania a balance between quality and price. AMBO is a reliable partner in this field and offers its IT-services in the area of Offshore Software Development for over 10 years.

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Latest News

Join us at CeBIT 2018, June 11-15

This June, AMBO will join the 2018 edition of the CeBIT Global Event to take place in Hanover.


AMBO on CeBIT 2015

In March 2015, AMBO will take part this year’s most important Exhibition in the IT industry, CeBIT 2015.


AMBO on CeBIT 2014

In March 2014, AMBO will take part this year’s most important Exhibition in the IT industry, CeBIT 2014.


Our Products

  • Hotel Program, hotel management, hotel software: Vilicotel Hotel management
  • Housing/accomodation in hotels, pensions/hostels, villas


Gitex Technology Week 2018

Cebit 2018 Hannover

Hannover Messe 2017


  • ISO 9001
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Our Team

Adam Boer Adam Boer
Botond Boer Botond Boer
Szilárd Megyesi Szilárd Megyesi
Cristian Deac Cristian Deac
Project Manager, Java
Stelian Mătase Stelian Mătase
Teamleader, 3D
Tamás Ruff Tamás Ruff
Project Manager, Java
Geza Vanyo Geza Vanyo
Teamleader, Java
Marius Zubac Marius Zubac
Project Manager
Eva Pollac Eva Pollac
Sales Manager